Our Focus

In an age where technology and scale seemingly drive client experiences across all industries, FIC Capital offers a refreshing return to a client experience marked by personal attentiveness and a supreme focus on the needs of affluent clients.

At the heart of this premium client experience is our independence. We are free to

…do what’s in your best interest
…always provide the highest quality, objective advice
…build custom portfolios of our best investment ideas for serving your needs

When Douglas and Cynthia Ferguson founded Ferguson Investment Consultants in 1988, they envisioned a firm that was free to focus entirely on providing clients with the best service, advice and investments unencumbered by the conflicts of interest and competing obligations common in large financial organizations. Their vision continues to be realized in FIC Capital today.

At FIC Capital, we have established a business model that aligns our interests with yours. Our fee structure is fully transparent and eliminates layers of fees common in our industry. But more important, we are a fee based advisor – that means we only succeed when you do. And our team invests alongside you, so you can be confident that we only give you advice that we are following ourselves.

As an independent firm, we have the freedom to design portfolios that incorporate our investment team’s best ideas for serving your needs – that means not having to select investment products or solutions for the wrong reasons. FIC uses a disciplined, research-driven investment process and our investment team is structured to ensure close collaboration between the PM and our in-house team of analysts.

And at FIC, our commitment to our clients is exemplified in everything we do from how we invest and provide financial advice to how we communicate and structure relationships:

  • Jon Ferguson, president and chief investment officer, and our investment team interact daily with clients discussing investment decisions and providing financial advice.
  • Transparent, frequent reporting investment ideas and portfolio changes.
  • We build customized portfolios for every client that represent our investment team’s highest quality, objective, best ideas for you.
  • Our financial planning experts work with you to understand your goals, needs and concerns to develop a customized plan.