The Value of Institutional Caliber Investment Management

Where do great investment ideas come from?
They come from knowledge, insight, creativity, and diligence.

Great ideas come from spending hours meticulously analyzing stock prospectuses and board member voting rights. They come from a deep understanding of businesses, industries, and the disruptive potential of innovation.
Great ideas come from the application of knowledge, talent, rigorous research, and of course, passion.
At FIC Capital, we have established a culture, a process and track record for digging deep to find superior investment ideas and providing valuable financial advice to our clients.
We actively challenge our big-picture and company-specific assumptions as we seek to objectively develop estimates of relative and intrinsic value. Further, we look for companies the market has potentially overlooked that possess a hidden value only discovered from diligent research.
Through our research we manage three primary equity strategies:

FIC Flagship Strategy

This portfolio strategy balances a blend of income and growth opportunities, and is comprised of 65-70 equity positions broadly distributed across a wide spectrum of industry sectors to provide stability. This strategy targets an attractive return profile relative to market measures of risk and volatility.

FIC Focus/Special Situations Strategy

This more concentrated strategy is comprised of 25-35 positions with an emphasize on higher returns. Positions are broadly distributed across industry sectors in an effort to reduce risk, but the concentration strategy entails a higher overall volatility and risk profile.

FIC Core Income Strategy

This income centric strategy is comprised of 65-70 equity securities that deliberately tilt the mix of return toward income in an effort to reduce overall strategy volatility and provide more predictability in returns. Positions are broadly diversification across industry sectors in an effort to further reduce risk and volatility.
Customization of client strategies are enhanced by overweighting or underweighting additional securities to achieve the desired investment goals for each individual client.