Portfolios Designed Around Your Personal Investment Plan

FIC’s research-driven culture, expertise, size and investment approach enable us to build customized portfolios for every client that represent our investment team’s highest quality, objective, best ideas. Whether as part of an overall plan developed with our financial planning team or focused on a specific investment need, FIC’s investment team works to understand your goals and design a portfolio tailored to you.

Portfolio Construction Process

Step 1 – Determine Investor Goals, Risk Tolerance
Our portfolio construction process begins by using a proprietary discussion tool to better understand you, how you think about money and how your money has been managed in the past. We use this insight to determine the optimum portfolio characteristics and consider client-specific factors such as income needs, growth objectives, investment time horizon, and risk tolerance.

Step 2 -- Determine the Optimum Asset Allocation
Using this information, we determine a portfolio allocation weighing client-specific objectives with relative asset, sector, and geographical opportunities. [What else can we say about how you determine allocations?]

Step 3 – Implementation
With the appropriate allocation determined, FIC then creates a customized portfolio allocated across three proprietary model portfolios as well as individual securities to achieve the stated investment goals. By investing directly in securities – in contrast to retail mutual funds – FIC is able to better leverage our investment thesis and research while eliminating unnecessary layers of fees. Direct investment also enables FIC to better control exposures and manage risk.

Investments include fixed income, real estate, alternatives, distressed assets, stocks, and special situations.

Step 4 – Ongoing Monitoring and Execution
Once created, our investment team continuously monitors client portfolios and adjusts them based on the macro environment and ongoing evaluation of the risk/return profile of the portfolio.