You've achieved success forming a vision, setting goals and committing all of your intellect, innate talents and hard work to your endeavor.

Success is different for each individual - perhaps you've orchestrated a distinguished corporate career, taken a business from the back of a napkin to profitabilty or amassed sufficient wealth to provide comfortably for your family and leave a legacy.

At FIC Capital, we understand what it takes to achieve such success because we live the pursuit every day. Helping our clients realize their vision and protecting their achievement is our mission, it is our passion.

Central to the mission is our ability to identify uncommon opportunities in the marketplace and develop innovative investment strategies to maximize returns. But while performance returns can be calculated, it's only part of how we measure success.

We are equally driven to find opportunities to deliver value to our clients in unique ways both large and small - that demonstrate our deep expertise across investment management, tax and estate planning, financial consulting and much more. We measure this success by the strength and growth of our relationships with client then naturally develop as we engage daily to discuss their goals, needs and fears.

Purpose-built to serve the needs of affluent investors, FIC Capital provides institutional caliber investment management and financial planning with a premium client experience.

Why Choose FIC Capital?

  • Independent
  • Institutional Caliber Investment Management
  • Customized Investment Plans
  • Broad Wealth and Financial Planning Services